About Us

About Us

Hello, I am Ken Newton and this is my family…The Plata family!

Our family is Ken, Jenae, Jack, Kate, James, and Molly (Black Lab). Sue (not pictured) is our office manager that keeps it all together.  I do most of the day-to-day designs, marketing, and inside/Southeast sales.  Sue handles all of the incoming orders, inventory, and book keeping. Jenae handles purchasing and shipping. The rest of the gang all pitch in, one way or another. Molly, head of security. And we are fortunate to have the sales services of the best representatives around! (call for information)


Our Philosophies-

  • We believe in the “wholesale only” relationship between designer and retail partner
  • Our designs are crafted in Mexico and Bali, with components assembled in our Florida office 
  • Our necklaces feature fine Italian chain with chain style options. 
  • We focus on current designs that are “sellable” and great for everyday wear 
  • Our collections are classic and simple; therefore, they stand alone in your show case or blend with  other sterling designers.
  • We offer merchandising cards to assist in the marketing of our “Gift-to-Go” programs.
  • We support you with a “no minimum re-orders” policy.

       Ken Newton


We Are Celebrating 25 Years!
Thank You For Your Business!
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